A program for the computation of Automata, Monoids, and Regular Expressions.

AMoRE is an implementation of automata theoretic algorithms. Sample functions are:

  • conversion of regular expression into finite automata,
  • determinization and minimization of automata (including a heuristic minimization of nondeterministic automata),
  • language operations (e.g. boolean and regular operations, quotients, shuffle product),
  • tests (e.g. for set inclusion, nonemptiness),
  • computation of the syntactic monoid and its algebraic decomposition,
  • display of small automaton graphs on the screen.

The current version of the program is available at here and can be copied and used freely for any non-commercial purpose. The manual can be downloaded here. Platforms are BSD-UNIX or SYSV-UNIX (Solaris..), but not Linux (yet).

The development of a version supporting the Linux platform, a nice graphical user interface, and a programmer's interface for Java, C, and C++ programmers has been started in the group in 2001 and is now maintained by Burak Emir at Sourceforge.

O. Matz, A. Miller, A. Potthoff, W. Thomas, E. Valkema, Report on the Program AMoRE, Report 9507, Inst. für Informatik u. Prakt. Mathematik, CAU Kiel, 1995.


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Thomas, RWTH Aachen, Lehrstuhl für Informatik 7, 52056 Aachen,